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House is a secure AI-based data processing solution that can help healthcare institutions study and analyze a decade's worth of medical history in seconds.

Our goal is to accelerate healthcare systems' transition into big data solutions.

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Medical Workflow

AI assisted medical analysis and monitoring greatly improves patient care.

Centralized Data in Healthcare

Streamlines workflow in overcrowded hospitals

Reduces operational costs through efficiency

Current Capabilities

What can do?

Sepsis Prediction

House is collaborating with several hospitals on a real-time sepsis prediction project.


Trained on 1.087 million data points, House is able to assist medical personnel in diagnosis.

Medical Payment Logistics

House's AI framework is gaining industry attention with medical payment and coding systems.

Centralized Healthcare Data

House analyzes and pulls data network-wide to give unprecedented big data analytics.

Natural Language Processing

House analyzes complex medical records through series of deep neural networks.

Secure Encryption

End-to-end encryption ensures House stays protected.


  • Shorter wait times in case of an emergency.

  • More accurate medical diagnosis and monitoring will save lives.

  • Centralization adds security against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
Healthcare Institutions
  • Streamlined workflow saves on operational costs.

  • Better coordination allows for load balancing between institutions.

  • Real-time patient alerts allows healthcare institutions to provide the best patient care.
  • Machine Learning Sepsis Prediction saves lives.

  • AI-assisted medical diagnosis adds patient safety.

  • Cloud storage on patient visits brings convenience.
Public health Officials and Researchers
  • Centralized, cloud-hosted data enables proactive response and monitoring of viral outbreaks.

  • Big data analytics for epidemiologists and researchers.

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